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Farmlands are the source of food that we consume every day. An agriculturalist requires acres of lands to grow crops and yield edible food stuff. All the eatables that we purchase in stores nearby are said to have come from the nearest farming rural area. Why not from cities? This is because there is no space for cultivation within a city and hence relies on villages for crops. Compensating on the transportation cost, if farming is feasible within city limits, it would be fantastic to access eatables readily, fresher and quicker. Having said farming, there are a number of factors influencing it like pollution free zone, climate, rainfall/water supply, altitude, soil fertility, etc. Such a conditioned farmland may not be seen at the heart of the city. East Hyderabad, particularly Yadadri, which is a township less than 40 km from the Telangana city centre, is found most suitable for carrying out agricultural activities.

It is the region anchoring the famous Lakshmi Narasimha Swami temple and the divine locale is naturally inclined for permitting farming pursuits. It can be an appropriately desirable destination to cater tillage needs for city population. Visishta Infra Developers have laid plantations as farmlands at Yadadri and you can relish them by buying one or few of them as per your affordability. Visishta has always made attempts to be as eco friendly as possible and built the Visishta Garden Phase 1 at Yadadri. Malabar Neem trees and a variety of fruit trees constitute this garden. Many people have bought farmlands in Visishta Garden Phase 1 and benefited gleefully. For people who have not purchased them, it’s never too late! Visishta Infra Developers have erected a phase II in the CheemalaKonduru area of Yadadri district with improvisations and excellent farm activities. Contact us for booking your exclusive farmland today and be the proud owner of a cultivable land at the growing destination – East Hyderabad.

Highlighting factors:

Visishta offers safe and secure lands with all relevant facilities required to nourish a farmland. For ease of sale and reference, we have segregated each plot into Guntas and number them for identification. 1 Guntas is standardized as one sale entity for convenience. Every gunta consists of 121 square yards. Fencing is provided around the venture to distinguish between and around guntas and for their safety. Every sector hosts plantations of chosen Malabar neem trees sample and imbibes greenery at all possible spots attractively. Located primely at the Hyderabad-Warangal highway, exporting bi-products of farming is made much easier. Plants grow healthily and produce nutritious crops in a low carbon zone. 30’ feet black top roads are laid to use the pathway and to improve the overall presentation of the layout. Clients have the choice to opt among what trees they wish to have in their farmland. Two borewells are installed in the plantation which serves as the water source.


Farmland maintenance could cost heavily which includes periodic tilling, monitoring on a daily basis, regular pest control measures, watering plants at suitable levels, protection, managing excess rainfall, etc. It is hard to afford these costs as an individual. Well, the good news is that we offer free maintenance and yet entitle you for 50% of the incurred profit without you having to make any physical effort.

Price and payment:

We are pliable to your financial comfort and therefore framed our monetary policies amendably. Booking can be done at a very moderate fee of Rs. 10,000/-. Initial payment of Rs. 1,90,000/- may be paid and the balance amount can be paid within one and a half months time. Corner plots are sold at just Rs. 250/- extra. We also delight our customers with bonus and gifts for those who have paid 25% in advance. Also, farmlands are cheaper than any other real estate investments. When you have saved little money and waiting to invest it at the right place, Visishta is your expedient target at your disposal. Reach out to us right away to avail our services to buy your farmland.

Visishta Garden

Above all, farmlands are never going to depreciate in value. An asset that has constant increasing value is always a handy source of income at any given point of time. Until food is prevalent in the world, farmlands have great scopes. So, without thinking twice, such an investment can be made confidently.

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