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Is Farmland A Good Investment?

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Agriculture is civilization, says E.Emmons.

In a country like India where agriculture still remains as the primary occupation, farmland would obviously make a great investment; isn’t it? Around 70% of our nation’s population is agriculture dependent for its survival. Farming is the direct source for staples. Apart from farming, farmlands are also suitable for animal husbandry (rearing of livestock) and poultry farming pursuits.

Few factors to be reviewed for successful tillage are:

  • Soil – Fertile soil is the foremost factor to be considered.
  • Water – Sufficient water supply through rainfall or irrigation from ground water sources, lakes/rivers, etc. is a must.
  • Land – Flat lands with good humidity (plains and valleys) are most preferred.
  • Temperature – Moderate temperature is required. Farming is impossible in extreme temperatures.

Let us take a note on how feasible cultivation can be in a city.

According to Times Of India (Hyderabad) about 6 years back, Urban agriculture has been the new culture that is catching up in the city. According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates, by 2050, global food demand will grow by 70% to cater the needs of the global population of 9.3 billion. To satiate such a huge demand, urban agriculture is a big solution.


A cultivable land is less priced than residential or commercial plots. Moreover, financial institutions offer a much lower rate of interest to borrowers when it comes to an agricultural loan, be it mortgage or gold loans. Also, Horticulture department has been giving subsidy directly to the citizens instead of farmers.

Return on Investment (ROI):

Coming to the main part of investment – returns; An investor expects returns to overcede the investment amount. Investing in farmlands is much more economic than purchase of other lands, with no less profits. Farmland speculation is also a humanitarian approach to leave behind a greener environment for the future. Survival of mortals is completely dependent on the food consumed. Clearly, there is no way of a depleting call where nourishment is surveyed. This ground reality guarantees an established expanse of the wealth disbursed.

Convincingly, farmlands are excellent investments and a remarkable source of income when done appropriately. With all eligibilities and counting statistical details, two strongly recommended spots for urban tilling would be Yadadri. With rich heritage for agriculture in our realm, farmlands in Yadadri are readily available for farming and suitable for other allied activities as well. These sites are located at an optimal altitude and fall under adequate rainfall regions which makes them all the more favorable for cultivation to produce high yields.


Yadadri (hosting the Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple), serves as a blessed locale with a serene atmosphere. It stands as an excellent field for land management with fecund soil capable of producing abundant crops or vegetation.

This area is less prone to pollution, thus being very adaptable for agriculture. So, it is ideal to promptly acquire farmlands in Yadadri and begin to earn solidly out of them! In this great location Visishta Infra Developers has its farmland venture Visishta Garden II. To know more visit

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