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Investment is the action of outlaying money/asset/item with the goal of acquiring appreciation or profit or income at a later period. There are different types of investments namely:

  • Stocks: A stock is an investment in a specific company. When you purchase a stock, you are precisely buying a percentage of share of that company’s assets and earnings.
  • Bonds: A bond is a loan you make to a company or government. When you purchase a bond, you are allowing the bond issuer to borrow your money and pay you back with interest.
  • Mutual Funds:  Mutual funds allow investors to purchase a large number of investments in a single transaction. These funds pool money from many funders, then employ a professional distributor to disburse that money in stocks or bonds. A mutual fund returns money through stock dividends or bond interests.
  • Banks: Banks allow you to deposit cash but offer only a moderate return over a decade or two. Withdrawal of money in the interim period decreases your profit.
  • Property: Purchase of Movable (vehicles, gold, paintings, computers) and immovable assets (lands, houses, buildings).
Investment type Risk Returns
Stocks High Low
Bonds High Low
Mutual funds Depends on stocks/bonds Low
Banks Lowest Low
Gold Moderate Moderate or High
Vehicle High Very Low
Real Estate Low Risk Highest Returns

An investment is done in the notion to multiply money by making expenditure in the current period and expect to dispose it off for a higher value at a later period, with less liability during the term of ownership. Upon reading the above table, it is most favorable to make a purchase with low risk, highest returns, lowest rate of depreciation, devoid of lock-in periods and convenience for selling at will. In this regard, we can distinctly state that real estate is the best among all other investments.

Real estate includes open plots (which are the best option), commercial buildings, farmlands and residential buildings. How would you invest in Real Estates? To minimize encumbrance and increase the money exponentially in real estate, firstly we should intelligibly look out for a locality. A non-mature, developing locality would serve you purpose best because fully developed estates have expanded to their maximum profitable saturation. Among such developing areas, in today’s real estate market, Yadadri and Bibinagar top the list. As growing areas in the city, they offer open plots that can be bought as an investment approach to be sold at a later date. Guaranteed the cost is inclined to increase multiple folds. Lands can also be purchased for self-use since the areas are prone to immense development. In addition, there are qualified farmlands available in the districts which are equally profitable by earning through farming or leasing to farmers. Plots in the chosen two regions shall appreciate beyond estimated limits in the decades to come. So be among the first to secure the best plots when there are wider choices. An investment with meager expense assures to hand back enjoyable financial gains in the near future.

We at Visishta infra developers offers open plots and farmlands at these great locations Bibinagar & Yadadri with world class amenities. Contact us for more information to know about our tremendous projects.

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