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Which is better investment Plot Vs Flat

Plot Vs Flat

Investing in open plots near Hyderabad:

The investments in property has been on the rise with an increasing population in Hyderabad. The eastern zone of the city is undergoing tremendous development in terms of its infrastructure and medical facilities. The availability of jobs, good education and commercial markets make it an attractive place to advance in. The Bibinagar region, which is within 37kms from the capital city is well connected to it. Ideas of constructing regional townships has been proposed by the Telangana Development Authority (TDA), leaving investors in a positive speculation. The instituting of AIIMS increases the prospective returns considering the government’s plan to develop the region. The yadagirigutta temple on the other hand, is a temple city corridor connected to multiple highways (Rajiv Rahadari and Warangal highways). The developmental work being carried out at the temple would ensure increase in commercial markets as a consequence of higher number of tourists. Hence, investing your capital in these flourishing areas would be a wiser move for higher returns.

Investments in open plots:

Investing in open plots in these areas are on an upper hand as compared to flats. One of the factors for this scenario is that land appreciates faster than flats. You can just forget the words reconstruction and renovation as long as it is vacant land. As a long term investment, land outshines financing of a flat which includes dealing with leaking roofs, bursting pipes, higher mortgage payments, utility bills and thousands of other problems that come with owning a flat. Land is always in great demand. Due to its zero depreciation, the worth of an open plot normally grows without a dip whereas a flat may not last forever. The competition to be dealt with is also lesser for land investors when re-selling your open plots. You are bound to get great deals that may not be possible while selling your houses. You do not have to devote much time to maintain your property and can be flexible while constructing your own structure. There is a lot of freedom to customize your home according to your requirements in a serene locality. Modifications to the plan and size may not be possible in a structured apartment. Hence, considering the above aspects, investing in land is a great way to get going with your finances.

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