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Why Investors Have A Keen Eye On Hyderabad Real Estate

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Hyderabad has seen a dramatic growth in real estate market since 2014. With remarkable changes made to the infrastructure of the city, Hyderabad is now a hub for real estate development, ensuring that you would see a steady growth in your income and wealth after an investment in Hyderabad’s real estate markets.

The city has become a new hub for development, with a lot of  investors taking a keen interest in real estate development and investments. And owing to the care taken by the government for growth and development of the city’s infrastructure, now is the right time to invest in real estate markets in Hyderabad.

With the inception of the metro rail services and with fast development of IT sectors along with notable changes in the infrastructure of roads and highways in the city, the real estate market has seen a sudden boom in investments for last couple of years in Hyderabad, compared to other metropolitan cities in India, which have seen a dramatic decline in real estate markets since 2017.

Affordable land rates also play a huge role in the development of the real estate markets, allowing the investors benefit from both commercial and residential land purchases. Real estate markets in the city have also stabilized since the bifurcation of the state of Andhra Pradesh and now, with increased attention to the landscape development in the city,  Hyderabad has become a hub for real estate development.

Areas such as Bibinagar and Yadagirigutta are now considered prime spots for development of real estate markets. With wide availability of farmlands and open plots, real estate is fast growing in these areas. Factors such as the location, IT development and infrastructural development have also played a major role in increasing the land and property value in these areas, and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Bibinagar is just 37 kms from the city and is well connected to the city. It has become a prime spot for development after the establishment of AIIMS Telangana has been approved by the Union Health Ministry. Moreover, this area is considered a hub for development by the Telangana Development Authority, and investments made here are likely to appreciate in the coming future.

Another  location for consideration for real estate investments is Yadagirigutta. Narasimha temple in Yadagirigutta is a prime tourist spot in Telangana and the real estate in this area is being quickly commercialized. This area is also located on Warangal-Hyderabad highway, making this area a hub for real estate development, ensuring a dramatic increase land value in the future, as this area is well connected to Hyderabad.

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